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Coravin Timeless Three SL Wine Preservation System


Featuring a friendly and functional design, Coravin Timeless Three is perfect for everyday wine drinking. New and improved SmartClamps™ allow the System to go easy-on, easy-off any bottle. Simply insert, tip, and pour—then save the rest of the bottle for weeks, months, or even years!

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Product Information


  • Coravin Wine Needle: This specifically designed Needle is gentle on cork and pours wine smoothly. Its stainless steel construction and non-stick coating provide durability and easy insertion
  • Easy On, Easy Off with SmartClamps: Simply align the System with the top of the bottle, and install with a quick, firm push. Then, remove after use with a quick firm, pull off—and use again and again!
  • Coravin Pure Capsules: 99.99% ultra-pure argon gas powers the System and preserves your wine.
  • Ergonomic Handle: The comfortable Handle has a large gripping area to pour wine effortlessly.
  • Capsule life: Each Capsule will allow you to pour up to fifteen 5-ounce (150ml) glasses of wine.
  • Pour speed: On average, a 150ml pour of wine with a standard needle will take 25 to 29 seconds.
  • Includes 1 Coravin Gas Capsule and 1 Needle Cleaner

Conditions of Sale

  • Coravin offers a 1 year warranty on your unit.
  • Delivery excluded from pricing; and quoted separately.
  • Lead time on most units is 1 week from date of payment, stock dependent