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Le Verre De Vin Single Pod


The Single Pod Bar is a single fridge configuration incorporating Le Verre de Vin preservation technology. Perfect for showcasing 4x bottles of your range of still and sparkling wines available by the glass – a simple and elegant configuration. Also includes 1x Tower.

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Product Information

Featuring compact design and minimal space requirement, Le Verre de Vin stand-alone systems can be installed as high-impact focal points or a discrete quality guarantee for your still and sparkling wine by the glass service. Thanks to their flexible siting options, Le Verre de Vin systems are the perfect solution for new or existing bar designs and can easily be fitted retrospectively.
The Pod Bar range consists of stunning, beautifully lit counter top refrigeration units with integral Le Verre de Vin still and sparkling wine preservation. Pod Bars offer the perfect solution for storing red, white and sparkling wines at optimum serving temperatures, allowing wines to be presented, served and preserved with eye catching style and precision.

With their innovative, modular design, the perfect Pod Bar can be created to fit easily into any bar, and their configuration is flexible enough to allow extra Pods to be added later, without the need for further investment in wine preservation technology. The attractive coloured LED lighting options ensure that presentation is adjustable to be striking in any setting, and bottles can be displayed in gallery, standing or step configurations. The Pod Bar is ideal for on-premise operators looking to maximise their still and sparkling wine by the glass sales, and for wine merchants and retailers to offer a ‘try before you buy’ service.


  • Power supply: 24V DC
  • Power consumption: 30W (max)
  • Fusing: built in trip switch with push button reset
  • Supply via 24V power adaptor


  • Power supply: 110 or 220V
  • Power consumption: 0.52KwH/24h (max)
  • Fusing: each Pod Fridge Module requires 1 power supply socket; plug tops are fused
  • 7 unique LED lighting options
  • Independently lockable doors
  • Adjustable, non slip feet for correct siting


  • Resealing time: 2 – 5 seconds
  • No more than 30 reseals in any 5 minute period
  • Each system is pre-set to operate at altitudes between 0 – 500m; for locations above this level
    please refer to the manufacturer or your local dealer


  • Digitally selected temperature control: 4-18˚C
  • Maximum capacity: 12 standard 75cl bottles
  • The Pod Bar is designed to operate at ambient temperatures between 0-25˚C (32-77˚F)


  • The Pod Bar is supplied with full user and installation instructions and a welcome pack that contains details
    of everything from working practices to training notes.
  • Whether the system is installed by a Bermar qualified engineer or supplied for DIY installation the process is straightforward with our range of ‘how-to’ videos and a technical team on hand to guide you through every step along the way.


  • User and Installation Instructions and Welcome Pack
  • 20 still wine stoppers, 10 stoppers for screw cap wines and 6 sparkling wine stoppers (Quad Pod Bars supplied with 40 still wine, 20 screw cap and 12 sparkling stoppers)
  • A pre-set CO2 regulator
  • Appropriate length of CO2 hose for connecting the regulator to a CO2 supply
  • A power supply configured to the specification of your region complete with 1.5m cable
  • Sourcing CO2: Outside the UK the only item that needs sourcing locally is a food-grade CO2 supply to support sparkling wine preservation.


  • Pod Bars are ideal for bar top, table top or shelf mounting.
  • To ensure correct operation, it is essential that the Pod Bar is located in a well-ventilated area (allow at least 50mm air flow around the entire cabinet), away from direct sunlight or any other heat source, such as spot lights, glass washers, ovens etc.
  • Position the Pod Bar in your chosen location completely level using the adjustable feet of the cabinet.

Conditions of Sale

  • Le Verre De Vin offers a 12 month warranty on your unit.
  • Delivery and installation excluded from pricing and quoted separately.
  • Lead time on most units is 2-3 weeks, stock dependent. Excludes gas supply and connection.
  • Standard installation and training fee of R2200 plus VAT for CT,JHB and DBN; other SA areas R3200 plus VAT.
  • Pricing for installation is subject to change at the discretion of the supplier