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Milano Chip Set in Aluminium Case - 500 Piece


500 Milano 10 Gram chips in an Aluminum Case.

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Product Information

The Milano Clay Poker Chip is top of the line from Claysmith Gaming. The attention to every detail on the Milano Poker Chips has made them as authentic as you can find to real casino chips. The 10 gram weight, the unique sound of the chip hitting the table, and the intricate texture on both sides of the chip make it one of the finest you can buy. Milano’s are available in 12 denominations up to $10,000, and compression molding techniques are used to achieve its professional look and feel

The Milano inlay is set upon a Claysmith Gaming “stitch and line” molded poker chip, and has four edge spots with unique outer and inner trapezoids along four sides. The Milano inlay uses a very clean and regal design that prominently features the denomination in the center of the poker chip. The fictitious casino destination “Milano” is written along the top of the inlay. The denomination is spelled out at the bottom of the poker chip. The layout of this inlay poker chip is similar to the very popular Bellagio poker room casino chip.