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Zzysh Wine Preserver cartridge refill (5 pack)


Zzysh® Wine Argon gas cartridges – Argon gas for wine preservation.

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Product Information

The key to perfect wine preservation. The Zzysh® Wine Cartridges were designed specifically and only for the Zzysh® Wine Preserver. Each cartridge contains 100% food-grade argon gas, and can be used for up to eight applications. Highly recommended by wine experts around the world, this Swiss innovation keeps your wine’s colour, aromas and flavours for weeks after opening. As it works with all types of wines, the Zzysh® Wine Preserver allows wine lovers and experts to enjoy as much as they’d like without having to finish the entire bottle. Note: The Zzysh® Wine Cartridges work effectively only in combination with the zzysh® Wine Preserver.


  • Refill cartridges only to be used in combination with the zzysh® Wine Preserver.
  • Contain 100% food-grade argon gas.
  • Keeps your wine’s color, aromas and flavors for weeks.
  • Replaces the air in an opened bottle with argon gas to protect it from oxidation.
  • Each cartridge is good for up to eight applications.

Conditions of Sale

  • Delivery excluded from pricing; and quoted separately.
  • Approx lead time 5 to 7 working days.
  • Zzysh offers a general guarantee against material and manufacturing defects for two years. Products that become defective during normal use and in compliance with the care instructions will be repaired or replaced at the supplier’s discretion.