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Dunhill White Spot Cigar Humidor


Alfred Dunhill The White Spot Cigar Humidors offer a beautiful selection of cigar storage options ensuring optimum conditions thanks to the specially created humidity control system, perfect closure and high quality hinges.

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Product Information

Wood Type

  • Macassar Wood > A very heavy, hard and dense wood. Heartwood is dark brown or black with streaks of yellow brown. The grain is typically straight. Wood is brittle and usually used for decorative purposes. Also used for cabinets, walking sticks, musical instruments, and billiard cues.
  • Cocobolo Wood > A very heavy and strong wood. Heartwood consists of variegated streaks of dark brown, rich red, orange red, and yellow. Grain varies and is irregular, but texture is fine and uniformed. Fair workability with hand and machine tools, although it has a medium blunting effect on edges. Used for turnery, wooden jewellery, cutlery handles, brushbacks, small trinkets, and inlay work on furniture.
  • Amboyna Wood > One of the most exotic, rare and expensive burls, used mostly for high-end veneers, Varies in colour between red, orange and yellow. It handles turning well and also lends itself well to carving.
  • Makore Wood > The heartwood is pink to pinkish brown, with a soft appearance of tan streaks throughout. The sapwood can be up to 4.5 inches thick and is light pink or off-white in colour. Fair workability using hand and machine tools. Blunting of cutting edges is caused by a high silica content

Size Options

  • 50 Cigar Humidor size: 283mm x 223mm x 112mm outside
  • 100 Cigar Humidor size: 370mm x 240mm x 117mm outside


  • Cabinet quality, durable, solid wood boxes
  • The ‘White Spot’ recognized as a symbol of perfection
  • Keep out of direct sunlight and away from sources of heat.
  • Lock and key to ensure safety and security
  • Humidity control system to ensure RH approx. 70%

Conditions of Sale

  • Dunhill Returns policy: anything that isn’t completely to your satisfaction can be returned (in original condition and packaging) for a full refund, subject to review of product by the supplier
  • Lead time: 1 week, stock dependant
  • Pricing excludes delivery which can be quoted separately