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Sensorist Temperature and Humidity Pack


The Sensorist sensors are custom designed and built to create an accurate and user-friendly sensoring and monitoring system for temperature and humidity in your wine cellar. The system is modular and made up of multiple parts that connect seamlessly together, all manageable from one online Sensorist® account.

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Product Information

It consists of a gateway, which is connected to your Internet router, and a number of wireless sensors. Every 15 minutes the sensors transmit temperature and humidity measurements to the gateway. The gateway passes them on to our servers where they can be explored using our software or API.


  • The Sensorist Pack contains: 1x wired gateway unit; 2x wireless sensor units; 1x bottle probe; plug adaptor
  • The gateway connects to power using the supplied adapter and via a wired Ethernet to your network for Internet access
  • The Gateway communicates wirelessly with the sensors within max 950 meters line-of-sight.; and sends the measurements to the Sensorist servers continuously.
    li>The sensors measure the temperature and relative humidity every quarter of an hour. They are wireless and run on replaceable AAA batteries (+1 year battery life).
  • The Sensors can be placed inside or outside, as long as they don’t get wet.
  • Temperature range is from -35 °C to 60 °C ;
  • Temperature accuracy is: -10 °C to 85 °C ±0.4 °C, -40°C to -10 °C ±0.8 °C.
  • Humidity from 0 % to 80% ±3 % points (pp).
  • The sensors have great stability with a yearly temperature drift of less than 0.01 °C. This means that calibration every 10-year period is sufficient in most cases.

Conditions of Sale

  • The Wine Room offers a 2 year warranty on Sensorist unit parts for defects and deficiencies on the unit/s. However the warranty does not cover defects, deficiencies or usage are due to negligent use, a lack of maintenance. The warranty does not cover labour or courier fees related to fixing the unit; or returning the unit to The Wine Room for fixing or replacement. Please refer to the following for full terms: http://shop.sensorist.com/pages/terms
  • Delivery excluded from pricing; and can be quoted on request. Self-installation by client or quoted on request
  • Note: the client is required to set up an independant account with sensorist.com and annual account fees apply (approx Euro29 per annum).